> I have studied and practiced Stoicism on and off for the past few years but have decided to use some of my free time now to take it very seriously. I have been journaling and meditating a lot and purchased a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius to study as well.
> I have been reading more and more recently, just yesterday I sat outside and listened to all the birds that live in my backyard and read an entire book within three hours. The book was Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz and was very good. I will also be reading lots of non-fiction. I am posting my reading list here
> The ParOS filesystem is no longer as bad as it once was, before I had a fixed allocation of sectors for each file, now I am having a set of pointers that each point to a sector on the disk. Iirc I am only supporting 12.8kb files but can extend this in the future.
> I have created a small, pretty poor custom file system for ParOS. I can't decide if I should go back and refactor poorly written parts of the codebase and add more features to previous things or move on to my future goals for the OS. Also went back to the old CSS for this site, I prefer this over what was here previously since I wrote this myself. Not much else going on, but it has been beautiful weather so I have been taking advantage of that.
> ParOS is now running on real hardware!
> ParOS is going well so far. Nothing too complex so far, have to write the memory manager next. Also this year has been the best year I have had in a while. Internship going well, finally getting started on my OS, and I have been improving myself in other parts of my life as well.
> Internship is going well so far. Nice to have a break from school. Working with firmware is pretty neat, fits well with my interests. Haven't made much progress on operating system stuff besides some reading. I am going to be doing that soon. My OS will be called ParOS.
> Happy new year!
> Home on winter break now. Won't be back at school until Fall semester. Last summer I slacked on what I wanted to work on, I am going to use this winter break as well as time after work to focus on learning operating systems and starting work on my own.
> Been a while since I posted here. Received and accepted and offer for an internship as an embedded software engineer. Wish me luck.
> Spent like 4 hours completely revamping my neovim config. Added a lot of stuff and made it organized, will be posted on my GitHub soon.
> Been almost a month, wow. Within the past few days I have started learning Rust and its pretty neat. Going to be posting my first Rust project on my GitHub sometime soon. Just not too much to update with on here, just doing work, programming wise and spirituality/philosophical wise. Also going to be spending time with family and friends soon along with taking a trip alone. But maybe I will get around to posting on this, who knows. Only time can tell. Take care.
> Edit: Some of my past work fell through so I was slacking a bit. Also got back into lifing again recently.
> Its somehow already almost June. I have been home from school for a bit over 3 weeks and it feels like its been no time at all. Going way too fast
> Nothing new here as I have been hard at work with Vex AI stuff. This is what my last post was referencing.
> Big things coming. Possibly a paper. I will also be taking on new roles as well. Information regarding all of this will be posted here and my GitHub. Stay tuned for some amazing stuff.
> Started my journey of learning operating systems yesterday. I have started reading "Operating Systems Design and Implementation" by Tanenbaum. ColeOS coming soon ;)
> Finally trying to fully rid my use of streaming services. Used spotdl to download all of my spotify music and I am now using cmus as my music player. I highly recommend both of these if you are trying to switch from spotify to owning your music. I am going to continue to get rid of more services as time goes on.
> Gave in and switched back to Qutebrowser, I just love it too much.
> Finals start tomorrow. Not feeling prepped at all, will update after to share my how I think I did. Also after finals I am hoping to put some more work into this site and other things regarding my online presence. Stay tuned ;).
> Edit: Did how I wanted to on exams so far, break is almost here
> Calc 2 is hard.
> Calisthenics progress going great. Ripped the hell out of my calluses though so going to be out for a while. Currently have increased my handstand hold and tuck planche hold time. Also learned I can kinda do a tuck front lever.
> Trying to switch to Firefox from Qutebrowser and it kinda sucks. Qutebrowser feels like home since I use vim bindings everywhere.