Why We Sleep Notes

Created: 2024-04-20 | Last edited: 2024-04-20

I just finished reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD. It was an excellent book. Before reading I knew that sleep was vital to ones well-being. But I was unaware of how large an impact it has on EVERY aspect of ones life. The top three most important things are sleep, exercise and diet. I am starting to think it may be in that order as well.

I hope you learn something from my notes and I highly encourage everyone to read this book. Enjoy.

My Notes

Part 1

To Sleep... (Ch.1)

Caffeine, Jet lag, and Melatonin (Ch.2)

Defining and Generating Sleep (Ch.3)

Ape Beds, Dinosaurs and Napping with Half a Brain (Ch.4)

Changes in Sleep Across the Life Span (Ch.5)

Too Extreme for the Guinness Book of World Records (Ch.7)

Cancer, Heart Attacks, and a Shorter Life (Ch.8)


Part 3 How and Why We Dream

Dreaming as Overnight Therapy (Ch.10)

Part 4 From Sleeping Pills to Society Transformed

iPads, Factory Whistles, and Nightcaps (Ch.13)

Hurting and Helping Your Sleep (Ch.14)