Let Them Cry It Out - Discomfort

Created: 2024-04-28 | Last edited: 2024-04-28

We as humans tend to avoid discomfort when possible and choose the easiest way out. Recently I have been viewing this as an inner child of sorts. The child cries until it gets what it wants, and anyone who has listened to a child cry for a long period of time will know it is easy to want it to stop and to give into the childs demands. Another way the child may stop crying is if it tires itself out and does not get what it wants. When the child cries and gets what it wants, it will learn to cry anytime it wants something.

This is the same way that this part of us works. We do something uncomfortable, lets say a cold shower. The "inner child" will cry and cry and try to get it to stop. When we give into this, that part of our brain learns that it can get away with avoiding the discomfort. Only when we push through the discomfort and avoid the easy, pleasurable option will we grow and change what we can endure.

I say let the "inner child" cry it out. When you are doing something uncomfortable, conciously think of that part of your brain that is saying to stop and realize that you are able to sit back and watch it try instead of giving into its demands. Be mindful of the feelings and don't give in to them.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the quote "A man without purpose distracts himself with pleasure". My interpretation of pleasure in this sense is an activity such as indulging in processed food, mindlessly scrolling etc. Not actual activities one enjoys. This quote inspired this post because once you let the inner child cry it out enough, it will realize that it doesn't get what it wants by crying and cease the behavior. One who lets this inner child control them isn't truly a man, they instead become the child.

Embrace discomfort, don't always seek the most pleasurable and easy option and you will grow and become a much better person. Let that inner child cry and cry, sit back and know good will come from it. Let them cry it out.